18 memes about virtual school that parents need right now

Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry—in front of our kids’ teachers, and all their classmates. Consider this your daily dose of pandemic self-preservation.

We all hoped to leave the hot mess that was 2020 behind us and hang up our teacher hats in 2021—because, let’s be honest, teachers are saints and we’re. not. worthy. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for everyone. If your kids have been subjected to another round of distance learning and you think you might actually lose your mind, you’re not alone. Same goes if you’ve been coping by escaping to the bathroom to scroll through Instagram memes. Because if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry—in front of our kids’ teachers, and all their classmates. Consider these virtual school memes your daily dose of pandemic self-preservation.

1. At least the little ones are entertaining?

2. Soooooo, you like stuff?

3. It’s not going to happen!

4. I just presented a work deck to my kid’s 2nd grade class. What day is it?

a meme about home schooling that has Mary Poppins looking chipper as Day 1 and Miss Hannigan holding a cocktail as Day 5 for a roundup of the best virtual learning memes


5. SOS!

6. A riddle: How many devices can one network sustain before mom smashes the router?

7. Remember when our only job was feeling guilty about their excessive screen time?

8. Relatable.

9. Off to a great start.

10. Top of the morning to you!

11. Bananas!

12. The square-root of 9 is red wine. 

13. We’re thriving over here.

14. Accurate.

15. Wait, what’s a fraction again?

16. I’m so good, thanks for asking.

17. Meep

18. Maybe they’ll be nicer if I make them call me Mrs. Mom…

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