We all have an inner Picasso waiting to come out. All we need is the right inspiration, some paint, and our super easy painting hacks! We’ll show you how to use everyday items to create beautiful art pieces that would make Van Gogh proud!

First things first: landscapes. We know painting landscapes can be a little intimidating, but don’t stress. We show you how to paint a beautiful, intricate landscape step by step so you can follow closely. Make sure to pause the video if you need a little extra time on each detail.

When you think of art, do you automatically think of a ruler or a dishwasher brush? Well, now you will! These seemingly completely unrelated items can help you create wonderful patterns and shapes. Just check out our tricks with these and other household articles and you’ll be convinced.
And remember, practice makes perfect! So, keep painting!


0:13 – How to paint a landscape
3:50 – Easy geometric patterns
4:21 – Painting hacks using a ruler
4:33 – Painting using the bottom of a plastic bottle
4:51 – How to mix paint for a smooth finish
5:14 – Painting using a dish brush

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.


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