A Day in My Life Homeschooling with 3 Little Ones

A Day in My Life Homeschooling with 3 Little Ones
The Parenting Junkie will give us a look at a day in my life homeschooling with 3 kids ages 5 and under. Considering the ample free time this homeschooling approach could also be viewed as a day in my life unschooling. When homeschooling young kids I need to be able to plan other activities so I set up projects for them the night before. Currently homeschooling under age 5 means a lot of time for play and nature. Homeschooling 3 kids can be done especially with a slow flow to the day in place. Homeschooling little ones especially homeschooling 3 little ones is easier done when the kids are able to have a lot of independent play throughout the day.

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